Dining Out

Links go to my reviews of these places, including photos, descriptions, and opinions. You’ll find links to the websites of these places within the reviews.

New Westminster, BC, Canada
Wild Rice, New West location (vegan friendly, gluten-free options)

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Everybody Loves Veggies (vegetarian, vegan friendly)
Fairy Cakes (vegan, gluten-free options)
Gorilla Food: here and here (vegan, raw)
In The Oven Caramels (vegan, gluten-free)
Indigo Food Cafe (vegan, mostly raw)
Loving Hut Express (vegan, gluten-free options)
Varinicey Pakoras (vegetarian, vegan friendly, gluten-free)
Veg Fest Vancouver 2013
Wild Rice, downtown location (vegan friendly, gluten-free options)

Victoria, BC, Canada
Cafe Bliss (mostly raw, vegan except honey)
Green Cuisine (vegan)
The Hot & Cold Cafe (vegan friendly)
The Joint (vegan friendly)
Lady Marmalade (vegan friendly)
Lotus Pond (vegan)
Mo:Lé (vegan friendly)
Royal BC Museum Cafe (vegan friendly)
Shine Cafe (vegan friendly)
Solstice Cafe (vegan friendly)
Wild Coffee (vegan friendly)

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