Thanks for your patients! This page is currently a work in progress, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Laika – A quarterly vegan lifestyle magazine with both digital and print subscriptions available. Some articles are also posted on the site.
One Green Planet – An online guide to living vegan, featuring recipes, news, food, and lifestyle articles, and more.
Vegetarian Times – Both digital and physical subscriptions. Site features lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes, tips, and more.
VegNews – An all-vegan magazine with both digital and physical subscriptions available. The site features all-vegan content including recipes, tips, and articles on topics such as food, travel, health, current events, and more.

Nice Shoes – My go-to for awesome vegan shoes. An all-vegan shoe store in Vancouver, BC with a large selection. Everything is also available through their online store and Canadian shipping is free over $100.
Vaute Couture – Compassionate cutting edge vegan coats, clothing, and accessories. Available online and at the shop in Brooklyn. Focus is on high ethics, high function, and high design. I have two coats and they are gorgeous and weatherproof!
Vegan Cuts – Deals on vegan products, plus two monthly subscription boxes: Snack Box and Beauty Box.

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