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I have always been a big reader. My actual time spent reading varies a lot depending on other priorities, but I am never without a book (or two) to read when I have the chance. As my passion for food, health, and veganism has grown over the past few years, so has the amount of books I’ve read related to these subjects.

I like reading a wide variety of books across different genres. Even when I’m getting overlapping information, I appreciate the different writing styles and perspectives. For the most part, only the books in the ‘Vegan’ category promote a plant-based, vegetarian, or vegan diet. Obviously, what we like to read is largely subjective. You probably won’t like all my suggestions, but I hope you can find something here you can enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by. This is simply my opinion.

I already have a huge list of books related to these subjects that I’d like to read, but if you have any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them! I’d also love to hear your thoughts on any of the books on my list.

I actually only own a couple of these books. I was able to borrow all of these from my city’s public library! Most of the films are available through the library, on Netflix and/or Films For Action.

Vegan & Promoting A Plant-Based Whole Foods Diet
Becoming Vegan: The Complete Guide to Adopting A Healthy Plant-Based Diet – Brenda Davis RD and Vesanto Melina MS RD

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications For Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-term Health – T. Colin Campbell PhD and Thomas M. Campbell MD (

Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Foer

The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World – John Robbins (

Healthy At 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World’s Healthiest and Longest-Lived Peoples – John Robbins (This book discusses the health benefits of a plant-based diet, but also covers a lot about the effects of exercise, love, and spirit on aging.)

The Kind Diet – Alicia Silverstone (

Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth From the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat – Howard Lyman

Thrive: A Guide to Optimal Health & Performance Through Plant-Based Whole Foods – Brendan Brazier (

Undiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health – Meghan Telpner

The Vegan’s Daily Companion: 365 Days of Inspiration for Cooking, Eating, and Living Compassionately – Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Vegan Freak: Being Vegan In a Non-Vegan World – Bob and Jenna Torres

The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life: Cruelty-Free Crafts, Recipes, Beauty Secrets and More – Melisser Elliott

Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition – T. Colin Campbell PhD and Howard Jacobson PhD

Food/Cooking Non-Fiction
The Botany of Desire: A Plants-Eye View of the World – Michael Pollan

Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy (and Really Well) – Peter Kaminsky

In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto – Michael Pollan

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals – Michael Pollan

Animal Rights
Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It’s So Hard to Think Straight About Animals – Hal Herzog

Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals – Karen Dawn

Food/Cooking Memoirs
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life – Barbara Kingsolver, with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver

Cooking For Gracie: The Making of a Parent From Scratch – Keith Dixon

Hungry Monkey: A Food-loving Father’s Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater – Matthew Amster-Burton

Life, On the Line: A Chef’s Story of Chasing Greatness, Facing Death, and Redefining the Way We Eat – Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas

The Making of A Chef: Mastering Heat at the Culinary Institute of America – Michael Ruhlman

My Life In France – Julia Child with Alex Prud’Homme

Trail of Crumbs: Hunger, Love, and the Search for Home – Kim Sunée

Food/Cooking Novels
The Book of Salt – Monique Truong

Kitchen Chinese: A Novel About Food, Family, and Finding Yourself – Ann Mah

The Kitchen Daughter – Jael McHenry

General Healthy Living
Confessions of an Eco-Shopper: The True Story of One Woman’s Mission to Go Green – Kate Lock

Not Just A Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of The Beauty Industry – Stacy Malkan

Related Films
The Cove
Food, Inc.
Food Matters
Hungry For Change

3 thoughts on “Book Love

  1. This is a great list, Sasha! My all-time faves are Crazy Sexy Diet and The Kind Diet. Undiet is another good one for the information on nutrition and recipes though while it’s quite vegan-friendly, it’s not completely vegan.

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