Sprouts! – An App Review

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it or not, but way back in November 2012 I won a giveaway on The Rebel Grrrl Kitchen for a lovely little iPhone app called Sprouts. This app was created by Shae (The Vedge) to help all us sprouting novices grow delicious, healthy sprouts all on our own (kind of).

While I’ve known about sprouting for quite awhile, I never actually tried it until I had this app. I’d read instructions, and heard that it was easy, but the whole process seemed daunting, so I never got around to trying it. Now I wish I’d started doing it sooner!

So how does it work?
You just choose a sprout from the list of 31 options, click ‘Start Sprouting’, follow the instructions for soaking, and Sprouts will remind you when it is time to drain and rinse, rinse twice a day, and harvest. You can then view all of your current sprouts in the ‘My Sprouts’ section.

There is also a very helpful ‘Walkthrough’ available in the ‘Settings’ section to show you how to begin using the app.

My Experience
So far I’ve sprouted chickpeas once, mung beans three times, and red lentils twice. The red lentils are my favourite so far! All these sprouts have been a great addition to salads, wraps, quesadillas, and stir-frys. I also ate a lot of the lentil sprouts all on their own, with just a bit of seasoning. Yum!

Collage, Sprouts Chickpea

Collage, Sprouts Mung

Collage, Sprouts Lentil

My Thoughts
On the whole, I found Sprouts to be a great basic guide and helper for sprouting. It has successfully guided me through the sprouting process multiple times. It is very easy to use. I also absolutely love the look of the app. The greens and browns combined with a wood-look background seem just perfect. I will definitely continue to use this Sprouts.

I do have some suggestions though, on some small changes that could make the app even better than it already is.

It would be very helpful if Sprouts included a list of the supplies needed to sprout. When I started using the app, I already knew, from other sources that you could use a mason jar with cheesecloth over the top, so that is what I used. However, not everyone knows this, and it would be very helpful for beginners if this information was provided within the app.

Another small change that would be helpful is to make the yield (amount of sprouts you end up with) more easily available within the app. It does say in the walkthrough that the amounts given are for a 2 cup yield, but it doesn’t say this anywhere else in the app, so I actually forgot it was even given. Without the yield amount I was a little confused when starting, as to how much I actually wanted to sprout, and what size jar I would need. This would also be very helpful if you are planning to use your sprouts in a recipe and need a specific amount. It would be really nice if the yield was included in the sprout pages, rather than just in the walkthrough.

The last thing that I feel could really improve the app is the ability to check off or confirm when you have completed the action (rinsing, etc) that the app reminds you to do. While the reminders are very helpful, I found that it was not always possible to rinse my sprouts exactly when it reminded my too. There were a couple of times when I was at work when I was reminded to rinse my sprouts, and then by the time I got home a couple hours later, I completely forgot to do it. If it was possible to confirm that you’ve done the action, then the app could possibly remind you more than once, until you confirm.

Bottom Line
On the whole, I really like Sprouts and it will definitely be staying on my phone for future use! If you are a beginner, interested in trying sprouting for the first time, or a sprouting pro who needs help keeping track of multiple sprouts this app will be very useful to you.

Sprouts is available in the iTunes store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for $2.99.

6 thoughts on “Sprouts! – An App Review

  1. Hmmm I’ve been meaning to get more into sprouting – this is a great way to keep on top of things!

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