Keeping Leafy Greens Fresh

Vegan MoFo 2012 Post #146 more posts to go and I still have 8 days! I may actually make it to 20 posts!

Trying to eat more greens? Wanting to cut down on pre-packaged produce? This will help!

Way back in April, Jessica of Clean Green Simple shared a tip for storing washed leafy greens: shove them in a glass jar. As Jessica says in her post, the need for this solution is two-fold. While I love greens, and always try to have some on hand, having to wash and dry them before each salad (or other dish) can be a big pain. Also, unwashed greens tend to wilt very quickly, even when in the crisper (which in my little fridge they usually don’t fit).

I was a little skeptical about this at first, but I tried it once and haven’t looked back. Now I can wash and spin dry a whole bunch of greens at once and keep them in jars in the fridge. A couple of mason jars takes up way less space in the fridge than a big bunch of lettuce and I bet you will be surprised at how much greens you can fit in one jar!

Jessica mentions chopping up her greens, but I’ve just been ripping them into largish pieces, then chopping them up later depending on what I’m using them for.

So far I’ve tried this with kale, spinach, romaine, and green leaf lettuce and it worked really well!

Looking to use some greens?

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