Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Vegan MoFo 2012 Post #6

A friend posted this on my Facebook and I just had to share it! 🙂

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (if you’re in Canada), but I’ll be at work most of the day tomorrow so I just thought I’d say it today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Honestly, Thanksgiving has never meant much to me. I’ve never looked forward to the big turkey dinner (even when I did eat meat), and it always seems to me that the dinner is the sole focus of most people’s Thanksgiving’s. And that dinner usually seems like way more trouble than its worth.

What I do like, is the excuse of getting everyone together for a family dinner. With busy lives and crazy work schedules its really difficult to spend quality time with family these days, and it takes a lot of advanced planning to get everyone together. I am really looking forward to spending some time with everyone and am actually looking forward to dinner. My omnivore family has always been really good about making sure that I can eat the vegetable side dishes and I have a Gardein Turk’y Cutlet in the freezer ready for its first try. Last year I had one of the Gardein Herbed Stuffed Turk’y and it was really good, but unfortunately my local grocery store isn’t selling them this year. I am also making these Sugar-Free Sweet Potato Biscuits from One Happy Table, and making this Dark Chocolate Cranberry Tart to contribute to dessert.

Thanksgiving is really supposed to be about being thankful. And I am. So much.

While I am hugely missing my Dad today, I am extremely thankful for all the time I did have with him, all the great memories, and for all the wonderful family I still have around me.

I am also extremely thankful for every single one of you. This blog will probably reach 2000 page views today (a small number for some, I know, but huge for me) and I truly do appreciate each and every one of those views, as well as every comment, like, and follow.  I am having lots of fun with this blog so far, and I’m really glad others are enjoying it as well.

Hope all the Canadians have a lovely holiday, and everyone else also has a great day tomorrow.

Thank you.

What are you having for your vegan/vegetarian Thanksgiving?

What are you thankful for today?

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    While Iam not vegan, I do enjoy being educated and tasting ( yum,yum) everything vegan, many thanks to Sasha. I have learned so much about the vegan community and am somewhat reluctant to admit that I would not have learned anything about this is if not for One Small Vegan!!!!
    Sasha, Iam sorry that you are missing your dad today, his legacy lives on in you and your family!
    Please continue to share and educate, I know I will be listening and hopefully tasting!

  2. This picture made me really happy and really sad all at once! I’m in the UK so we don’t have Thanksgiving, but I always feel sad for the turkeys when there’s the mass turkey genocide at Christmas 😥

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