Gorilla Food Review

Vegan MoFo 2012 Post #4

A couple of days ago Jem and I ventured into downtown Vancouver for some wandering and a bit of shopping. I knew we would be having lunch out so before we left home I wrote down the addresses of a few vegan and vegan friendly places in the area I’ve been wanting to try (I may have a bookmark category on my computer for keeping track of such places). Except for Japanese food, I don’t eat out often, so it isn’t really a big deal going somewhere that only has a couple of choices for me. However, it is awesome having a sister/friend who while an omnivore, is very open to trying new things and perfectly willing to eat vegan while she’s with me.

We ended up going to Gorilla Food for lunch, and I loved everything about it. Everything there is organic, vegan, and raw, and I was really impressed by the size of their menu. The large menu includes lots of wraps, sandwiches, salads, veggie burgers, pizza, a couple zucchini noodle dishes, and lots of sides. They also have a big selection of fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and desserts. You can find the full menu here. It would take a lot of trips to work through everything I’d like to try.

It is a cozy little place on Richards Street, between West Hastings Street and West Pender Street; right in between Vancouver’s downtown shopping district, Gastown, SFU Harbour Centre, and the Vancouver Convention Centre. The decor was a great mix of bricks, stone, and different woods and I really like the open concept kitchen where you could see everything being put together. The space felt a little small and awkward when there was a line up, but you can take everything to go, and I think that’s how they probably do a lot of their business. Jem and I took our lunch down to the waterfront.

So, what did we eat?

I chose the Main St. Monkey Sandwich on veggie-flax bread. It was stuffed full of olive tapenade, avocado mash-up, zucchini hummus, cucumbers, and sprouts (and is also supposed to have tomatoes on it). And I had the Choco-Berry Gorilla Mylk Shake, which has blueberries, almonds, cacao, bananas, hemp seeds, date, and coconut oil.

I swear there is other stuff under all those sprouts!

This was the first time I’ve ever had raw bread, and it was really good! Totally satisfied my carb craving at the time! This was a really tasty sandwich and I would absolutely order it again. The smoothie was also really good; chocolate, nut, and blueberry goodness!

Jem got a slice of the Pesto Pizza, which had sun-dried tomato sauce, hempseed basil pesto, walnut ‘cheez’ crumble, and a fresh tomato slice. She also got the same smoothie as I did, only hers had strawberries instead of blueberries (you can choose).

Loved the recycled and recyclable containers that everything came in!

We both really enjoyed our lunch, and will definitely be keeping Gorilla Food in mind for when we are in the area and in need of a meal, smoothie, or vegan treat!

I should also mention that Gorilla Food sells a bunch of different raw crackers, granola, and flavoured nuts and seeds, as well as brown paper packages of raw food staples like raw nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. I may have picked up a couple of things to send in the next couple Vegan Food Swaps! I also bought the Gorilla Food cookbook, which should come in handy, as in a couple of days I will have a dehydrator for the first time. I haven’t tried anything from the book yet but it looks really great and I’ve noticed that it includes recipes for a tonne of items on their menu.


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