September 2012 Canadian Vegan Food Swap

After skipping August, I participated in the Canadian Vegan Food Swap this month for the second time. I sent a package to Jenn (Diary of A Flaneuse) and received one from Lauren from Sweat Potato Pies.

Lauren sent me a great mix of vegan goodies, all wrapped in zebra print tissue paper and accompanied by a super cute note detailing what was in my package.

I absolutely love that tissue paper! Can’t wait to wrap someone else’s gift in it!

In my package:

Suzanne’s Ricemellow Creme. I have never been a huge fan of marshmallows so I haven’t yet tried any kind of vegan marshmallow product. I do love rice crispy treats though, and am looking forward to making some healthier vegan ones (maybe with some Nature’s Path brown rice crisps, kamut puffs, or millet puffs)! Update: you can read my review here

Teopia Pomegranate Green Loose Tea. I LOVE this little orange tin! So cute! I’ve actually tried this tea at a friend’s house and I really enjoyed it. I love all kinds of tea and I already use loose leaf tea so I have the strainer things for it. I also make a lot of iced teas using fruity herbal teas (instead of drinking juice) and this one will be perfect for that!

Pamela’s Ginger Cookies With Almonds. I’m already half-way through this box of cookies! I don’t normally buy cookies, but these are a great treat. They soft and chewy, with little crunches of almond and have quite a strong ginger flavour. I always thought I didn’t really like the taste of ginger, but it seems to be really growing on me lately, especially when it’s accompanied by sweetness. Also, these are the first gluten-free cookies I’ve ever tried, and I honestly wouldn’t have known the difference if it wasn’t written on the box.

Amazing Grass Chocolate GreenSuperFood Powder. I have looked at the Amazing Grass products before, but never bought any. I love smoothies and use Vega products and hemp protein powder regularly. I haven’t used this one yet but am really looking forward to it!

Prana Amandine Maple Almonds. I’m munching on these as I write this post and they are really good! Crunchy, sweet, and a bit salty. They are maybe a bit too sweet for my tastes, but I’ve got some nice strong black tea made to balance that out.

Cocoa Camino Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar. I must have forgot to take a photo of this one, but you can see it in the photo of all my goodies. I absolutely love these and buy them (a little too) regularly! Can’t go wrong with another one! They are like a natural vegan Reese’s (only better)! Mild dark chocolate filled with natural peanut butter! The almond butter ones are awesome too!

Look at all those yummy vegan goodies!

Lauren put together a great package for me! I feel so spoiled!
THANK YOU LAUREN for making this another lovely food swap experience!

3 thoughts on “September 2012 Canadian Vegan Food Swap

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