1, 2, 3…GO!

Ok, here it goes, my first post! Here are a few things to get us started:

I decided to start this blog as a way of expanding a food journal I have been doing on   Pinterest for the past few months. I have a board called Everyday Vegan Goodness where I have been documenting some of the vegan food I make and eat everyday. I’ve really enjoyed doing this, but as much as I love Pinterest it just didn’t provide me with enough room to write full recipes properly and make other comments about my entries. Also, sometimes only one photo per recipe, just isn’t enough! (Even though my photos are not so good yet) It was time to blog.

I think one of biggest misconceptions about being vegan is that your only options when it comes to food are salad, tofu, and granola. Don’t get me wrong, while I love all three of these things they definitely do not make up my whole diet. Or any vegan’s probably. There is a huge variety of options and, especially if you are open to being creative and trying new things, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. When I was considering becoming vegan the one thing that made me believe it was something I could actually do was Veganomicon. Just seeing the huge variety of vegan recipes, many of which I wanted to run to the kitchen and try right away, took away my apprehensions about veganism. Instead, I was excited! I knew that this was something I could make happen, and I did!

This blog is a way for me to document and share my passion for creating great-tasting healthy vegan food. For me, healthy means limited processed food, no white starches (flour, breads, rice, pasta), limited refined sugar, limited use of added fats, and a minimal use of salt. And of course, vegan means no meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, honey, or gelatine. Eating within these restrictions doesn’t have to be boring or complicated or tasteless, and that is exactly what I would like to help illustrate with this blog. I would like to help show the wide variety of food available in a nutritious vegan diet. I would be ecstatic even if I can encourage one person to try one recipe or make a few small changes towards a plant-based diet. I believe small changes can make a huge difference.

I know I’ve been talking about veganism a lot, but I really hope that this blog will appeal to anyone hoping to follow a more (even a bit more) nutritious, plant-based diet. Everyone is welcome!

For an idea of what kind of food I will be including, please check out my board on Pinterest where I’ve previously been keeping a food journal.

If you actually read through to the end of this post: THANK YOU for reading! Please feel free to follow my blog or Pinterest account, make comments, and ask questions. I hope to see you later!


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